Are you looking for deep information about a highly specific HIV topic? Or have you been tasked with developing a pamphlet, report, or other material?

We’ve done our best to make HIV Resources Ontario a thorough primer for those just entering the HIV sector, as well as a centralized hub for training sessions to help ASOs and other organizations across the sector to build their capacity.

However, it’s impossible for us to answer every conceivable question in detail. When confronted with a new and unfamiliar task, it’s often helpful to see what others in the sector have created. This is where the SAGE Collection comes in very, very handy.

The Sage collection includes published resources like research reports, pamphlets and annual reports that can be used to learn about HIV and hepatitis C and the response to HIV and hepatitis C in Canada. The collection also includes resources like policies and procedures that are used internally by a contributor to document their work processes and which can serve as models for those doing related work.

Check it out!