OODP Risk Management Planning Toolkit

This toolkit offers a systematic and thoughtful approach to help you to address the possible risks facing your organization. It provides a brief description of what risk management planning is, why you need to do it and offers tools to help you identify risks, determine your priorities and how/when best to respond.

Positive Women & Breastfeeding

This is a resource about breastfeeding for HIV positive women and service providers.

Supporting Mothers in Ways That Work

This is a toolkit for people who work with mothers living with HIV. It uses a social justice lens to build skills amongst front line workers. Content includes background information, information about perinatal care, breastfeeding, social surveillance, stigma, discrimination, and action steps.

Annual WHAI Symposium

This annual forum is aimed at bringing WHAI Coordinators and the management teams at their respective agencies together to share information about existing work, collaborate on emerging issues, learn, and build province-wide connections.

For more information about WHAI, please see www.whai.ca.

The Ontario HIV Epidemiology and Surveillance Initiative Website

The Ontario HIV Epidemiology and Surveillance Initiative (OHESI) is a provincial collaboration between agencies involved with HIV epidemiology and surveillance in the province. The website provides access to timely, relevant, comprehensive information about the epidemiology of HIV in Ontario.

Online Library of Evaluation Tools

The library consists of sample tools that staff/managers can adapt to their unique contexts. The tools are designed for gathering informal and formal feedback from clients and volunteers (e.g., client satisfaction surveys, volunteer program survey, informal feedback form, etc.). Staff can request one-on-one support to revise these tools by submitting an EBPU service request for evaluation.

REACH Evaluation Toolkit

The REACH Evaluation Toolkit is designed to direct you to useful tools and resources and to give you short, cursory look at evaluation or a long, detailed exploration on various evaluation topics.

Evaluation Training

OHTN provides training and individualized support to agency staff so that they can evaluate their own programs and services. This support includes one-on-one consultation (to develop an evaluation plan), revision of any existing tools and data collection practices and the creation of new evaluation tools, if required.

Rapid Response Index

A full index of the over 100 Rapid Responses have completed on a variety of topics including services, programs and supports for people living with HIV.