Positive Women & Breastfeeding

This is a resource about breastfeeding for HIV positive women and service providers.

Supporting Mothers in Ways That Work

This is a toolkit for people who work with mothers living with HIV. It uses a social justice lens to build skills amongst front line workers. Content includes background information, information about perinatal care, breastfeeding, social surveillance, stigma, discrimination, and action steps.

Trans Inclusion Pocket Guide

A guide developed through the shared lived experience of trans women living in Ontario, specifically about the critical work of trans inclusivity in WHAI work. This resource explores information about trans women in Ontario.

Legacy project: walk with me mentorship project

The Legacy PHA Mentorship program is a capacity building program that meets the needs of both newcomer and long-term survivors PHA who face increased challenges in accessing professional, communal and social participation that hinder their professional and civic engagement, and thereby increased their sense of social isolation and societal exclusion.

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HIV and Immigration Service Access Training

The CAAT HIV/AIDS Immigration Service Access Training program aims to support staff to engage and work with IRN PHA communities to effectively address issues related to their migration and settlement needs, including but not limited to service access, coordination and capacity building issues.


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Ethno Racial Treatment Support Network

Ethno-racial Treatment Support Network (ETSN) is a peer-based, peer-led training program that promotes and enhances PHA involvement and leadership by providing capacity building for newcomer PHAs in areas of treatment literacy, health promotion skills, peer counselling and support skills.

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Community Based Research 101

This collection of eModules about community based research uses HIV as primary example. The evolving series is the result of collaborations with OHTN research stakeholders. Each eModule has been designed, implemented, piloted and evaluated. A learning management system delivers pedagogical individual/aggregate results. Learners include PHAs, academics and clinicians.

The Sex You Want

The Sex You Want is a campaign developed to increase GBMSM awareness of new HIV prevention and sexual health strategies. Topics covered include: biology of HIV transmission, condoms, undetectable viral load, PEP, and PrEP. The campaign also seeks to support the implementation of sexual health strategies within the unique contexts of gay men’s lives.

HIV Disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Canada

This guide is designed to answer some of your questions about HIV disclosure and the law in Canada. Most of it is about criminal law. It also has information about disclosure and other areas of law, for example: public health, privacy, employment, travel and immigration. Developed in partnership with HALCO.