OODP Risk Management Planning Toolkit

This toolkit offers a systematic and thoughtful approach to help you to address the possible risks facing your organization. It provides a brief description of what risk management planning is, why you need to do it and offers tools to help you identify risks, determine your priorities and how/when best to respond.

OODP HIV Disclosure Policy Toolkit

This toolkit provides ASOs with an evidence-informed, comprehensive framework to assist in developing policies and practices that support people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) to control and navigate HIV disclosure decisions and actions. It provides a policy template for Boards and one for Operational Policy and Procedures with sample text included.

HIV Disclosure Policy Development Webinar

The OODP HIV Disclosure Policy Development Webinar was developed to assist ASOs to develop HIV Disclosure Policies for their organizations. The Webinar discusses why HIV Disclosure Policies are needed and outlines a process for ASOs to work collaboratively to ensure consistent practice in supporting client disclosure decisions across Ontario.

Governance Resources

The OODP has created over 15 downloadable e-resources designed to support ASO volunteer Boards. Each resource contains a brief explanation of what it is and how to use it, and most include a template. For example there are templates for Board Agendas, Board Minutes, Board Member Job Descriptions, etc. There are also Board Policy samples.

OODP Partnership Agreement Template

The OODP Partnership Agreement Template offers a generic template for completing partnership agreements between community-based organizations. Sample text for the different sections of the agreement has been provided.

OODP Partnership Agreement Toolkit

The OODP Partnership Agreement Toolkit is a shortened version of the 2013 Partnership Agreement Resource. It focuses on 2 types of Partnership Agreements and offers a Template and sample text for each one.

OODP Partnership Agreement Resource

The OODP Partnership Agreement Resource provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects that need to be considered in completing a formal partnership agreement with community partners. It discusses why agreements are needed, what types are available and what is involved in negotiating an Agreement. It provides a Partnership Agreement Template as well.

OODP ED Board Report Guidelines and Template

The Executive Director’s (EDs) Board Report Template has been designed for regular reports to the Board of Directors. After reading the report, Board members should feel up to-date on relevant and strategic-level issues and prepared to raise issues, ask questions and make decisions at Board meetings.