Support Workers Skills Building Workshop

This workshop will be re-designed to become a 2 year KTE strategy developed in collaboration with OODP and the AIDS Bureau. Information gathered from the environmental scan of ASO support work, the ASO Needs Assessment and an information session with ASO Executive Directors will all help to inform the curriculum moving forward.

Executive Director/Board Chair Skills Building Workshop

This 2 day workshop focuses on topics that are relevant to Executive Directors and Board Chairs. It provides an opportunity for the two groups to come and learn together which otherwise might not happen. There is usually a mix of individual group sessions and single group sessions. Topics typically focus on human resources, organizational development and maintaining a successful relationship.

Executive Director Symposium

Formerly known as the ED Retreat, this 2 day workshop focuses on topics and skills building that are relevant to Executive Directors of ASOs. If there are hot button issues to discuss such as funding then this is the place it happens. Skills building sessions usually focus on human resources or organizational development.

Human Resource Skills for Middle Managers

HR skills training for middle managers, EDs and those responsible for HR activities for the agency. Topics include employment law, discipline and termination, performance management, human rights, introduction to OPRAH, etc. A total of 4 modules have been developed. Each session is 2 days in duration.

Human Resource Consultations

Ongoing HR consultations with ASOs for generalist HR support and inquiries. Available through a service request form which is accessed from the OPRAH web page. A service request can only be submitted by Executive Directors or Board Chairs of ASOs.

OPRAH Online Toolkit

The OPRAH online toolkit is a resource of HR-related resources covering a broad range of topics. Content areas include human resources, labour relations, human rights, benefits & compensation, health and safety, legislation. Labour relations is limited to those ASOs who are unionized.