Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment

Results are listed by the date they were added. Some of the resources listed below will be general in nature; others will be more specific.

  • Legacy project: walk with me mentorship project The Legacy PHA Mentorship program is a capacity building program that meets the needs of both newcomer and long-term survivors PHA who face increased challenges in accessing professional, communal and social participation that hinder their professional and civic engagement, and thereby increased their sense of social isolation and societal exclusion. (ongoing development of website)
  • HIV and Immigration Service Access Training The CAAT HIV/AIDS Immigration Service Access Training program aims to support staff to engage and work with IRN PHA communities to effectively address issues related to their migration and settlement needs, including but not limited to service access, coordination and capacity building issues.   (ongoing development of website)
  • Ethno Racial Treatment Support Network Ethno-racial Treatment Support Network (ETSN) is a peer-based, peer-led training program that promotes and enhances PHA involvement and leadership by providing capacity building for newcomer PHAs in areas of treatment literacy, health promotion skills, peer counselling and support skills. (ongoing development of website)