AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario

Results are listed by the date they were added. Some of the resources listed below will be general in nature; others will be more specific.

  • When Grief is Complex- The Impact of Multiple Loss in HIV/AIDS Impacted Communities and Workplaces Educational presentations designed to increase the knowledge & awareness of the realities of ongoing multiple losses found in HIV/AIDS: • Current perspectives of grief/loss/trauma, multiple ongoing loss, disenfranchised grief, traumatic loss, & ambiguous loss • Differences in loss responses: cultural diversity & long-term survivor realities See Resources – When Grief Comes to Work
  • When Grief Comes To Work: Managing Grief And Loss In The Workplace – A Handbook For Managers And Supervisors This training manual is comprehensive resource for managers and staff to support multiple levels of organizational response to the impact of grief on the workplace. ‘When Grief Comes to Work’ is a 220-page handbook to foster resiliency in the workplace through helping agencies develop appropriate and responsive policies.
  • When Grief Comes to Work: Bereavement and Resiliency Training for the Workplace Developed from the resource When Grief Comes to Work, ABRPO is currently offering a 3-part Bereavement and Resiliency Training Program to build concrete skills for individuals in positions to supporting ASOs and HIV impacted communities in responding to loss. See Resources for When Grief Comes to Work Handbook
  • Turning To One Another: Bringing GIPA to Life through Building Collaborative Relationships TTOA increases the capacity of ASOs to build effective working relationships between ASO staff and PHAs in multiple roles. There are 13 TTOA ASO Pilot Site Partners across Ontario which support and collaborate with Peer Facilitators to create and deliver on-going local programs. They also share local ideas and practices to help develop the provincial ...
  • Turning to One Another (TTOA): PHA/Peer Engagement Skills Training This 3 part training was initially developed in collaboration with the OAN’s Positive Leadership Development Program. This work is seen as a deepening of GIPA/MIPA principles, providing PHAs and peers who have experienced multiple losses with additional skills to support their engagement in community and with local organizations.
  • The Basics of Grief and Multiple Loss Training This training provides a comprehensive synthesis of grief, multiple loss and transition theory in the context of HIV/AIDS. These accessible materials provide a solid orientation for ASO staff and volunteers and is also relevant for other agencies working with HIV infected or affected populations. See Resources for Training Manual
  • Survive to Thrive: Peer Support Training Based in the findings of the Survive to Thrive community-based research project, the need to increase peer support skills was identified by long-term AIDS-related multiple loss survivors (LTS). This training provides an overview of the Multiple Loss Journey and experiential learning of peer support skills. See: Resources for Training Manua
  • Survive to Thrive – the Multiple Loss Journey The Multiple Loss Journey is a visual representation of loss and resiliency developed by community members who have directly experienced ongoing AIDS-related deaths. Distinct aspects of loss and relevant intervention strategies are presented graphically through this visual tool. It can be placed on a wall or on the floor. Translations in French & Spanish.
  • Resilient Workers: Essential Tools for Support and Stability Training With the ongoing presence of grief/trauma in the lives of PHAs and Peers, both workers and peers are impacted by the human interactions which are part of fulfilling their roles. Creating structured supports to respond to this impact is essential to the sustainability of people fulfilling such complex roles. See: Resources for Training Manual
  • Resiliency Initiative Resiliency Initiative includes both Resiliency Framework and Resiliency Map as tools to support a workplace team in expanding shared awareness of multiple loss impact on work-related areas. The Resiliency tools provide opportunities for groups to assess personal, team and organizational strategies for promoting resilience in the face of ongoing loss, change and transition.  Also available ...
  • Agency Capacity Building: Fostering Resilience in the Face of Ongoing Loss and Transition – Workshops for ASOs Workshops for ASOs –informative and experiential workshops designed to allow the agency to identify, understand, and work with the impact of loss/transition in order to transform that impact into resilient organizational capacity. Workshops can be in response to immediate crises/losses or can be built into organizational planning cycles.Informative and experiential workshops designed to allow the ...
  • Agency Capacity Building: Fostering Resilience in the Face of Ongoing Loss and Transition – Team Consultations/Coaching Team Consultations/Coaching – (1-3 sessions) • linking grief/trauma theories and practices to a particular situation; (debriefing a traumatic loss or identifying losses inherent in organizational transitions • assisting the team to develop a response relevant to their situation (community closures following a death) • providing referrals or recommendations for further organizational interventions.
  • Agency Capacity Building: Fostering Resilience in the Face of Ongoing Loss and Transition – Individual Consultations/Coaching Individual Consultations/Coaching – (1-3 sessions) A short series of interactions with key organizational personnel to assist in • the identification and assessment of a) loss-related concerns and b) individual and organizational resources • linking grief/trauma theories and practices to a particular situation; (debriefing a traumatic loss) • supporting individuals in responding effectively