The HIV Resources Ontario group was established in 2013. HIV Resources Ontario is a collaborative of resource programs and organizations mandated by the AIDS Bureau to build the capacity of the HIV sector in Ontario by delivering trainings, workshops, materials, and organizational development supports.

This website has been created as an online navigation tool to make materials and resources created by HIV Resources Ontario available to ASOs across Ontario.


AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO)
ABRPO is a unique resource for Ontario groups looking explicitly at loss and transition as a means to build individual and team capacity within their organizational setting. ABRPO supports ASOs in developing tools for multi-level responses to the stressors arising from the evolving nature of HIV work, particularly complex losses.

African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO)
The African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO) is a network that provides leadership in the response to HIV/AIDS in African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities. We provide resources to build the capacity of service providers to deliver effective, culturally relevant and evidence-informed programming to Ontario’s ACB communities.

AIDS Bureau

Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT)
The Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) is a coalition of affected individuals and organizations from the legal, health, settlement and HIV/AIDS sectors committed to promoting the health and well-being of people living with HIV facing barriers to access related to their immigration status.

CATIE                                                                                                                                                              CATIE is Canada’s source for up-to-date, unbiased information about HIV and hepatitis C. We connect people living with HIV or hepatitis C, at-risk communities, healthcare providers and community organizations with the knowledge, resources and expertise to reduce transmission and improve quality of life. For more than 25 years, CATIE has been there to provide information that enables people to make informed choices about their health and enhances the ability of health care providers and other frontline organizations to respond to their clients’ needs.

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH)
The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance is a network of ASOs whose mission is to support its members in building their capacity, and in building capacity among other service providers in their communities, to offer sexual health, HIV, and other services that meet the needs of gay and bisexual men.

Ontario AIDS Network (OAN)
The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) is a coalition of AIDS service organizations and AIDS service programs that work collectively to provide a just, effective response to HIV and to improve life for people living with and affected by HIV. The OAN is well known for its leadership, skills building initiatives and advocacy work.

Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program (OHSUTP)
The Ontario HIV & Substance Use Training Program (OHSUTP) provides training and networking opportunities to substance use, mental health and allied health and social service providers across Ontario. We provide the most up-to-date information about the connections between HIV, HCV, substance use, mental health and harm reduction.

Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)
The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) is a nonprofit organization that funds and conducts HIV research and provides education, capacity building, evaluation services, data collection and monitoring for HIV services in Ontario.

Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP)
The Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) provides e-resource tools, one-on-one coaching for executive directors and board chairs, workshops, planning support, group facilitation and consulting support for customized consults upon request.

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN)
The Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN) facilitates HIV/AIDS planning, collaboration, engagement and innovation to improve access to programs and services for people from diverse communities living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. THN includes AIDS service organizations, HIV-related programs, people living with HIV/AIDS, and broader organizations that serve people with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative Home Page (WHAI)
WHAI is an Ontario initiative working to strengthen the capacity of communities to support women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. WHAI’s goals are to reduce HIV transmission among women, enhance community capacity to address HIV/AIDS, and build safe environments to support women and their HIV/AIDS-related needs.